Tuesday 16 April 2013

Totally off topic

  • I drive 56 klm to work (one way)
  • The space station is 370 klm from earth
  • It is 6,371 klm to the center of the earth
  • GPS satellites typically orbit at around 20,230 klm 
  • The moon is 3,474 klm from the earth (at it’s closest)
  • Mars is 6,778 klm from the earth
  • The sun is on average 150 million klm from earth
This is cool.

I'm less than 18" from my computer screen connecting me to the World Wide Web!


Oops! Apparently I had the Moon too far out... I have since corrected that!
Thanks Doug for pointing that out... at least I know someone reads my blogs! ;-)

Updated with images.

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