Monday 22 June 2015

The "BIM Effect"

How does BIM affect the other departments in your firm?

BIM has an impact in all departments such as IT, Human Resources, Marketing and Finance.

If you work in a fully *BIMplimented firm, or are making the transition from CAD to BIM you would have noticed that BIM has an impact on the operation of your business.

As a BIM Manager you can advise and provide valuable information to other departments in the company.

IT: Internal or Outsourced
Working with IT is critical, your IT support needs to have a understanding of BIM and the demands it has on a project. BIM needs to work in conjunction on IT as IT manages the network, the Revit Server, computer requirements and can be a valuable resource creating scripts etc.

HR: Staff Selection and Training
Who knows your technical staff better than you do?

Who can evaluate a potential employee's BIM skills better than you? Be a part of the interview process, even create a BIM or Revit skills evaluation test. Typically I can decipher how good a potential employee's Revit skills are just by talking to them and asking them pertinent questions.

You know your technical staff's skills better than HR, it's up to you as the BIM Manager to improve your technical staff's skills by making training and education options available.

Same applies to team selection, you know the best people for the type of project, their skill sets, what types of projects they like to work on and also when and how to "push" them forward and place them in a team position to help them move forward.

Finance: BIM’s impact on the bottom line
Traditional billing method still working for ya? How about billing?

Advise the project manager on time line expectations and billing time line.
BIM has changed the typical design time line and unfortunately the billing sequence still does not reflect that change.

*BIMplimented - Full BIM implementation. A firm utilising BIM technology to accomplish its goals as a profitable entity.

Friday 19 June 2015

CanBIM YouTube

Following up on a comment I received on my Collaboration Systems Discussion Panel blog posting, to the Toronto CanBIM event. 

The event video's are available on the CanBIM YouTube site. More video from the Toronto event will be posted as soon as possible.

Also check out the CanBIM Facebook page for photos taken during this event and past events.

Next CanBIM regional session will be in Calgary on October 1st 2015. Watch the CanBIM website for updated information.


Monday 8 June 2015

OBJ Exporter for Revit

Here's a link to the OBJ exporter from Revit I use when pushing models up to the Augment app.

The images show the resulting OBJs from the Revit Sample Projects inserted into Octane Render and Blender.
– Material main textures and bump map textures exported.
– Materials now exported for elements in linked Revit files.
– Level of detail supported.
It works great and is a lot simpler to use compared to some other exporters that I've tried.
Check out these previous posts on Augmented Reality.

Enjoy your AR experience...

Friday 5 June 2015

Collaboration for Revit - New to us....

Were starting to use Collaboration for Revit on a number of projects, subsequently I’ve had a couple questions about local files and back-ups for C4R projects.

Here’s a couple quick points about C4R that are different to what we normally do.

Autodesk A360-Collaboration for Revit is a Cloud Subscription service that hosts building information models in the cloud, enabling project participants from multiple companies or locations to concurrently author models.

There technically is a local RVT + an RVT for each linked model. They are tucked away in the Collaboration Cache but you’re not meant to access them.

This is purposely located in special location because team members using Revit shouldn't need to access their locals. Team members navigate to A360 within Revit's file browser, and Revit makes sure they are working on fresh local versions of the Cloud Workshared model in C4R.
You can Publish, Rename and Relinquish elements from C4R.

Saving a back-up file.
Currently there is not “official” way to create a back-up file. However every time we share our model with the consultants we keep a duplicate which can be considered as our back-up file. You can do a "Save As" from Revit for any cloud workshared model and that'll detach it and save it locally. You can also download RVT files in bulk from the A360 Hub, and they'll be downloaded along with any links into a zip file.
I’m sure something will be developed soon as I think it’ll be a commonly requested task.

How does C4R cache Data?
Collaboration for Revit, proactively caches updated model data locally on the machine. This helps to significantly improve the overall performance experience.
It caches the date differently to how Revit Server does

Will there be any “Latency” in accessing the file in the Cloud?
Since Collaboration for Revit operates with a Revit application naively executed on a Windows PC, the overall performance experience depends on the hardware of the machine and the size of the model(s) being operated on. Operations that require a transaction with Collaboration for Revit will depend on the latency and bandwidth between the PC and the Collaboration service. Basically it depends on your PC and your Internet connection, so far I haven’t seen any latency.

Here are a couple links with further information on C4R.

Wednesday 3 June 2015

Industry Innovations Symposium - Vancouver

Industry Innovations Symposium
There is a great line up of speakers for this event being held at UBC Campus on June 9th.
  • Integrated practices
  • Lean construction
  • Modularization and prefabrication
  • Computational design
  • Sensing and data capture technologies

Tuesday, June 9th, 2015
8:00 am to 1:00 pm
Center for Interactive Research on Sustainability 
Modern Green Development Auditorium 
(CIRS - 2260 West Mall - Room 1250)
UBC Campus, Vancouver

Register HERE

Tuesday 2 June 2015

Collaboration Systems Panel Discussion. CanBIM Toronto

I’m moderating a panel discussion in Toronto at the CanBIM Regional Session on June 11th.

The panel discussion it titled: Collaboration Systems; How do collaboration systems and emerging cloud based systems bridge all disciplines across software platforms, offices & the field. 
We'll be asking the presenters 
  • How do they work? 
  • What are the options? 
  • What is the value? 
  • Where do companies begin the process of adoption?

Panelists include representatives from: 

Should be a great discussion and opportunity to see how each collaboration software fits your needs.

If you wish to attend please contact me via "comments" and include your email address, as a Director of CanBIM I can pass on a %20 discount code. 
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