Thursday 25 September 2014

New Policy

We have a new policy here at work for those coming to work while they are sick or still recovering from the flu.

Quarantine....until I feel you are well enough to mingle with the general population.

I think your ready to integrate back in to the workforce Alisha. ;-)

You can come out of the bubble now.


Revenge for, This..

Monday 22 September 2014

Running a BIM Lead Meeting

Here's a link to a great article on "How to run a BIM Startup Meeting" by Michael Clothier of BIMBicycle Blog.

I've run many start up meetings and the one thing I find most beneficial is the sense of teamwork that develops. Having the BIM lead's together in a room working towards a successful project, knowing personally each person and their personality is a huge benefit.  When you go to call the guy who's having issues with your model you're instantly working on a different level, your working together more to solve problems.

That personal connection is invaluable and I'll always support face to face team meetings even if it means having to travel. It's worth it for the success of the project.

Michael hits some great points in his article that I can add too:

Plan: Plan your meeting well in advance so you can schedule people and get a commitment to come. It's crucial you have the BIM lead people there and it's ok if support people come and go. I've had senior partners join and leave halfway through the meeting which is fine, I appreciate them wanting to understand the process and see what's involved.

Process: talk about how you plan on breaking up the model and sharing it with the disciplines. This could involve your IT people especially if your connecting Revit Servers or using programs such as Egnyte or Newforma.

LOD: We have a long discussion on LOD and exactly what it means, having a BIM Matrix on exactly what is going to be modelled is crucial.


Friday 19 September 2014

Edmonton CanBIM AGM, BIM Super Session & Technology Exhibition - Sept 30th to Oct 2nd.

BIM Foresight & Trends - September 30th - October 2nd, 2014, Edmonton Alberta.

Canada BIM Council and aceBIM are hosting a BIM Super Session; bringing the many BIM communities and practicing professionals together to develop inroads to collaboration and communication in BIM's evolving landscape. 

As technology, best practices and the industry's aptitude advance, how will BIM shape the AECOO industries over the next decade? The CanBIM-aceBIM Super Session will examine current and future BIM trends with a focus on Facilities management, Collaboration, Procurement and More!

BIM Super Session includes:
Full Access to the Regional Super Session, the Technology Exhibition and Break-Out Session opportunities.  Also includes Welcome and Closing Receptions, Morning Tour of Art Gallery of Alberta (Tour Requires RSVP), transportation provided and light food and beverages throughout the event. 

Space is still available.
Register now, send an email to:

Cost to Attend 

General Attendance :
CanBIM or Partner Members - $230.00 
Non Members - $360.00
Students - $60.00
(plus applicable taxes & subject to change)

As a Revit Jedi blog subscriber your entitled to a discount of $130 off the non-members rate. Use the EDMBIM discount code when registering, select the Member Rate and provide the code next to you're name.

Hotel Information:
Matrix Hotel - Edmonton
10640 - 100th Avenue
Edmonton AB T5J 3N8

Hope to see you there.

Wednesday 17 September 2014

Do you know Dynamo?

Last week we had Edwin Guerra from Summit AEC who are my BIM Consultant in to show myself and a few of my team members Dynamo.

Dynamo is... Dynamo extends building information modeling with the data and logic environment of a graphical algorithm editor.

I have heard so much about Dynamo throughout the year at various conferences (MinnU, RTC, etc.) that I thought it was about time I learned exactly what it's all about and if we could "practically" use it in our office. I say "Practically" because sometimes a newer feature may be pretty cool... but not really practice in production.

Personally I thought we could use Dynamo on those occasions when we have to design complex geometry (wavy stuff) or a intricate fritt pattern on a curtain wall. Basic conceptual design stuff, not really useful for working drawings..... Oh how wrong I was!

Edwin showed us the basics on how Dynamo works and how it can integrate with Revit, pretty cool stuff indeed. Then he showed us how we can use Dynamo for integration with Spreadsheets, Excel and managing Data. 
That's awesome! 

Were now exploring possibilities of using Dynamo for managing room area's, occupancy loads, curves and much much more. Were going to explore it's capabilities.


Tuesday 16 September 2014

BIM Networking Event - Innovation in Design & Construction POSTPONED

Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances I have had to postpone the Kelowna 
BIM Event that was originally scheduled for this Thursday the 18th September. 

We are looking at rescheduling in mid to late October 2014.
We will still have the exceptional line up of speakers and hold the event still at the 
Coast Capri Hotel in Kelowna.  
Sorry for any Inconvenience this may have caused, I hope to see you at this event in October.

BIM Networking Event:
Innovation in Design & Construction

Please join us for an informative and lively evening with presentations by distinguished industry speakers. This event is designed to keep you informed of the recent developments in innovation of the design and construction industry. This is also a great opportunity to network with other professionals in the architectural, engineering and construction industries.

Who should attend? Engineers, Architects, Developers, Contractors, Consultants and Construction Industry Professionals

This free event is brought to you by:

Monday 15 September 2014

123D Catch this i-phone !

I'm an Android user, a reformed Apple i-phone addict.

I'm happy with my Nexus phone, it does everything my i-phone did. 
Frankly I was glad to get off the i-phone band wagon! I no longer drink the apple "cool-aid".

I digress.... 
Autodesk is developing more and more apps now for Android (about time!) and have released 123D Catch for Android.

123D Catch allows you to use your camera to capture people, places and things around you as amazingly realistic 3D models. 

Capture friends, sculptures, buildings or anything else you can photograph. Automatically transform them into interactive 3D models that can be shared with friends, family, and an ever growing community of 3D photographers.

Here are some of the things you can do with 123D Catch.

• Turn your photos into realistic 3D models by taking a series of photographs from different angles.

• Capture 3D portraits of your friends, museum displays, architecture, plants, cats or anything else you can photograph.

• Showcase your work and follow other amazing 3D photographers from around the world through the in-app gallery.

• Use the 123D Catch web app for healing and 3D printing your captures in a web browser! (

I love the idea of being able to send it to a 3D printer...
I played with 123D Catch when it was in early development and had a lot of fun creating 3D models of existing buildings, however it doesn't like glass too much, model looked like it was melting!

Anyway, I'm going to install the new version on my Nexus Phone and amaze people with my 3D models... and when I get a 3D printer I'll be able to image my dog and print a clone!

Sc ;-)

Thursday 11 September 2014

BC's "Best Building" Contest

Guest posting from Kati in the CEI Vancouver office.

The North Vancouver City Library has been nominated as a BC Best Building in the Architecture Foundation of BC's "Best Building" Contest.

This nomination is neat because submissions are received from the public, along with comments about why the building matters to them! It's neat to read through and see how buildings affect the people who use the spaces, or pass by them everyday. There are some very notable inclusions, along with some humorous choices, but either way, it's nice to CEI on the list!

To check out all the nominations, or to vote for your own favorite, follow the link:

Thanks Kati :-)


Monday 8 September 2014

learn more about the Lighting Analysis tool in Revit

Interested in learning more about the Lighting Analysis tool in Revit? 
Check out the “Learning Lighting Analysis in Revit" webinar on September 17th.

Join Us for a FREE Webinar: Learning Lighting Analysis in Revit Did you know that Rendering in Autodesk A360 allows you to create daylighting illuminance renderings in a fraction of the time that it takes with other industry-standard lighting analysis tools? What’s more, you can do the same lighting analysis as you can with other tools like Radiance/DIVA, Autodesk 3ds Max, and IES-VE without interrupting your Revit workflow. If you want to learn how to perform lighting analysis in Revit, now’s your chance: We’re offering a FREE webinar on Sept. 17th at 11am PST (2 PM EST), called “Learning Lighting Analysis in Revit".

Join building performance analysis expert David Scheer for a webinar that shows you how to use streamlined workflows in Lighting Analysis and Illuminance Rendering for Revit. This session will teach you how to:  
  • Automate simulation and document results for LEED daylighting credits.
  • Enable flexible visualization of illuminance levels for anytime, location, or sky condition for any Revit 3d view.
  • Use advanced daylighting workflows and share results with remote collaborators.

Wednesday 3 September 2014

CanBIM Super Session in Edmonton - Discount Registration Code

If you are planning on attending the CanBIM Super Session in Edmonton below is information on receiving a discount code specific to the readers of my Blog.

Enter EDMBIM  next to your name in the PayPal text box. ie:

Name of Attendee:

Jane Smith EDMBIM

CanBIM and AceBIM have teamed up to create a BIM Super Session examining the current and future trends of BIM, focusing on Facilities Management, Collaboration, Procurement and more.

I'm really excited to be a part of this event and am looking forward to the sessions and networking opportunity. The conversations after the sessions are worth the price of admission alone. Bringing together groups such as the Edmonton BIM Community, the Calgary BIM CommunityBIMbc as well as companies such as Productivity AlbertaModular Building Institute and Reach Consulting will be an event you wont want to miss.  

Save the date: September 30th to October 2nd and register early....
BIM Super Session

Looking forward to it...hope to see you there.