Friday 28 October 2011

Adding Fonts in Revit

Currently, Revit supports all installed True Type®, ANSI fonts. If these fonts are loaded you computer, you can use them in Revit.

To load fonts:

1.                     On the Windows Control Panel, click Fonts.

2.                     Select File - Install New Font.

3.                     Install the font on the system.

For some True Type fonts, there are some problems with text output into PDF files in Revit PDF Writer. The source of problem is the older style TrueType fonts. Since the introduction of TrueType technology, Adobe and Microsoft have made additional improvements and now support OpenType fonts. For more information, read the article about OpenType fonts.
Tests indicate that newer OpenType fonts work better with Revit PDF Writer. If you look in the Windows Fonts directory, you will see older TrueType font files shown with the letter "T." OpenType fonts are shown with "O." Most of fonts installed by Windows are now OpenType

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  1. what about Intergraph/Bently Fonts? I mean in Microstation there are also some Bently font that are installed through src files.... can i read also this kind of fonts? I would like to export in DGN format but I cannot do this untill converting Revit Text in Microstation Text (Note that the above mentioned Font is called "3 ENGINEERING" in Microstation V8i)