Wednesday 12 October 2011

Temporary Dimensions

As you create or select geometry, Revit Architecture displays temporary dimensions around the component. This is useful for placing the component in the proper place.

Temporary dimensions are created to the nearest perpendicular component and increment by the set value. For example, if you set the snap to 6 cm, the dimension increments in values of 6 cm as you move the component to place it.

After you place a component, Revit Architecture displays the temporary dimensions. When you place another component, the temporary dimensions for the previous component no longer display. To view the temporary dimensions of a component, click Modify and select the component. Remember, the temporary dimensions are to the nearest component, so the dimensions you see may be different from the original temporary dimensions. If there are dimensions you want displayed at all times, create permanent dimensions.

You can modify temporary dimensions to reference the components you want by moving the witness lines.

You can also specify the display and placement of temporary dimensions.

You can specify the display and placement of temporary dimensions in the design.
You can set temporary dimensions to:

·         measure from wall centerlines, wall faces, center of core, or core faces
·         measure from door and window centerlines or door and window openings

To specify temporary dimension settings:

1.         Click Manage tab > Settings panel > Additional Settings drop-down > Temporary Dimensions.
2.         From the Temporary Dimension Properties dialog, select the appropriate settings.
3.            Click OK.

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