Wednesday 30 January 2019

CanBIM Regional Session - Vancouver, February 2019

Come meet me at #VANBIM19 CanBIM Regional Session; 

Digital Innovation - Driving Business Value in Design, Construction & Operation, in Vancouver on February 6th and 7th

Digital innovation is fast becoming the corner-stone to driving business value in many design-construction-owner organizations. Whether digital innovation is enhancing, transforming or reinventing business models and operations, it is well established that investing in digital innovation is fundamental to success. Organizations across the real estate and construction supply chain - from owners to suppliers - are adopting digital strategies that leverage such disruptive technologies as cloud-based collaboration, IoT, automation/robotics, AR/VR, machine learning/AI, to improve productivity, quality and customer experience. 

Our Vancouver Session will host technology leaders and senior management executives who are driving business value through adopting digital innovation strategies.

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