Wednesday 29 January 2020

Utilizing BIM for Small Business - BuildEx Vancouver

Please join me on Wednesday, February 12th 2020 at BuildEx Vancouver for a TechCentric Session titled: 

W11 – Utilizing BIM for Small Business
Innovation and Technology; Project Delivery & Management

How can small to medium-sized businesses utilize Building Information Modelling (BIM) so to play in the same “sandbox” as the bigger corporations?

In today’s built environment economy, having the ability to access and utilize BIM is crucial to the success of any business. This can often be challenging for small and medium organizations due to the lack of resources and budget. However, participating in BIM projects does not necessarily mean small to medium businesses are automatically excluded. Using “off the shelf” tools to take advantage of BIM is a cost-effective (often free) way of these businesses the ability to participate in the Architecture Engineering and Construction BIM / Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) economy.

This session will provide attendees with understanding, tips and tricks to allow you to initiate, collaborate, contribute and utilize VDC on BIM projects. We will explore the typical processes when engaging in a BIM project and assess some of the more cost-effective (free) tools available that allow you to participate, contribute and utilize BIM information and data, moving your business forward.

$40 Early Bird, $50 Full Price
February 12th

Monday 27 January 2020

From the Smart Project to the Smart City

Join me on February 4th and 5th at the Pinnacle hotel in Vancouver for the 2020 CanBIM Regional Session titled: From the Smart Project to the Smart City

Integration and Collaboration Across Policies, Processes and Technologies

In the shift towards a low carbon built environment, new technologies, digital processes, fabrication and efficient assembly methods are transforming the way buildings are designed, built and operated. The “internet of everything” – IoT, Big Data and more - is connecting people, systems, buildings and communities in ways that will disrupt traditional policies, workflows and relationships. 

As the procurement, production and operation of buildings and cities moves from analog to digital, project teams will need to collaborate fully and effectively. Join us in Vancouver to learn more about new methods, technologies and relationships that will impact how we deliver smart, climate-friendly buildings and cities in the future.

February 4-5, 2020 
Pinnacle Hotel, Vancouver Harbourfront 
1133 West Hastings Street Vancouver British Columbia

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Monday 20 January 2020

Is your business ready for a New Decade?

Get 2020 insight into your Digital Design Workflow

AEOS Consulting can help you improve Project Profitability

Bespoke BIM Management Whether firm-wide, a single studio, or a single project, we specialize in custom planning for implementation and support including strategic planning, matching process workflows to tasks and goals, further leveraging your Building Information Modelling. White-Glove Service for Everyone Our focus is on your continued success in the constantly expanding world of digital project delivery. Consulting on all aspects of project delivery from team structure to content development, supporting your firm in all aspects of project delivery while managing the complexity of the solution and abilities of your project team. BIM Maturity Assessment Our BIM Maturity Assessment is a comprehensive analysis of your current situation and BIM maturity. Our process involves collecting the relevant information that we need to analyze your project delivery workflow. From this, we establish a baseline of maturity that is used to set target levels of adoption. To discuss how we can improve your project profitability contact us by visiting our web site at

Monday 13 January 2020

Model Integrity

Model integrity is becoming more crucial as projects are becoming more complex and model data integrity is a crucial aspect of deliverable quality.
This is a simple checklist where the auditor can verify model content and process making sure that the Building Model is constructed in accordance with your standards and project requirements. This checklist is part of a protocol to maintain model integrity. 
Verifying Model Integrity periodically throughout the project reduces the risk of incorrect modeling causing misinformation and/or additional unnecessary work.
Validation of the model provides a guide to address any potential model issues, the intention being that the recipients of the model know the file is fit for use and will not require additional work to fit within the project framework. 
A Model Audit should be carried out periodically throughout a project to verify model content integrity by the Project Model Manager as well as by the BIM Manager.
A copy of this audit is to be kept on file as well as sent to the BIM Manager upon completion. It's a basic two-page checklist. 
Here's a sample of some of the items:
  • Is the Project Information Data completed
  • Has True North and Project North been established and used correctly
  • Is the Standard Project Browser being used properly
  • Complete spell check (you will be surprised)
  • Is all text in upper case
  • Delete unnecessary Reference Planes and 3D views
  • Purge the "coordination" model
  • Revisions, Site Instructions, C/O’s been completed according to the Standards
  • Are Annotation styles consistent with  Standards
  • Are Dimension styles consistent with Standards
  • Are Drafting Lines being used where the Linework Tool would be better (and Visa Versa)
  • Are Line styles consistent with Standards
  • Is the Level of Detail in the model appropriate for the scope of work
  • Are objects on the Correct Workset
  • Is content approved by Model Manager
Some of these are pretty basic and common sense but it's always good to be able to check it off and know that it's been done.
Integrity in Modeling is key to quality, risk mitigation, and general good practice!

Thursday 2 January 2020

A New Year, a New Decade

A New Year, a New Decade... Opportunity for Positive Change

The beginning of a New Year is always a good time to reflect on your performance over the twelve months to look at ways to improve how to manage and deliver the work you do. Having an outside expert perspective providing you with clarity can be invaluable in making the right adjustments to Digital Project Delivery Workflows.

At Aeos Consulting we have the expertise in making improvements to your Digital Project Delivery Workflow that will start your New Year off on the right foot. Our BIM Maturity Assessment process evaluates 5 key areas comprising 20 specific deep-dive reviews of the design and production processes. This results in a detailed extensive report outlining the level of BIM Maturity and recommendations for short, mid and long-term improvements.

Our BIM Maturity Assessment will identify areas where simple improvements result in great benefits not only in cost-saving but also in the quality of your deliverables.

Get clarity on your current processes, workflows and 2020 insight on how to make a positive change for the decade ahead.

To find out more on how Aeos Consulting can save you time and money on your BIM projects follow the link to How We Do It or reach us directly at Contact Us