Wednesday 10 October 2018

Autodesk University Survival Guide

I'm off to Autodesk University again this year (2018).

I wrote a blog back in 2015 on tips when attending AU, I thought I'd revive that blog and update it with some more tips.

If this is your first time at AU here are some tips.
  • It's very dry in Nevada and for us northerners, it'll dry you up like a raisin. Good luck requesting a Humidifier for your room... they're typically all gone by the time you check in. Just keep a glass of water by your bed at night.
  • Go outside at least once during the day, just to remind you what fresh air smells like.
  • Take a hand sanitizer.... germs are everywhere and you don't want to get sick.
  • Sleep, trust me you'll need it.. and I don't mean during sessions.
  • Dry air and carpet are a great combination to ZAP unwary bystanders.
  • Resist the urge to baa like a sheep during the line up at meal time... and if you do hear a sheep it's not me! ;-)
  • Wear comfortable shoes, your going to be on your feet all day and walking for miles (or kilometers)!
  • Meet as many people as you possibly can. This makes the AU experience more enjoyable and you can make some great contacts which you can meet next time you go. If you see me stop me and say hi
  • It's Vegas, take a walk down the "Strip" at night to see the lights, also go see Fremont Street it's worth the short cab ride.
  • It's Vegas, enjoy yourself... but remember your there for a conference which you paid good money to attend, don't waste a day being hung over!
  • Make the event memorable... however don't be "that guy" that everyone remembers for the wrong reasons.
  • Travel light during the conference. Your packing that c#@!p around with you all day... you really don't need your laptop! 
  • Take a large suitcase, even if it's half empty on the way there. You'll be picking up lots of info and "swag" at the exhibition hall and your suitcase will be full on the way home. 
  • Sit at a different table during meals and introduce yourself to everyone at the table. Take a lot of your business cards to give out.... and collect a lot of business cards, and when you get home after a week follow up, even if it's just to say hi, it was nice to meet you at AU. AU is not only about learning it's also about making connections.
Finally, enjoy yourself !
It's a great opportunity to meet people, I learn the most after the sessions when I talk to people.

Hope to see you there, if you see me please feel free to introduce yourself. I love meeting people who read my blog.... both of you.... ;-)

See you there!