Wednesday 26 October 2011

Scaling Views on a Sheet

When placing a view onto a sheet the view may not be the appropriate size.

There are a couple tools that you can use to manipulate views after you have dropped them onto your sheet.
1 When placing “Regular” views (other than 3D views) or selecting a view already on a sheet the Modify Viewports Tab will appear. Under this Tab you have a couple tools to assist you.
     On the Option Bar you can rotate the view 90deg.

You can Crop the size of the view to fit better on your sheet. Below is the dialog box that opens when you select this tool.

This tool allows you to activate the view (much like the viewport in AutoCAD) where you can work on the model through the viewport. To De-activate the view right click and you will see the option to De-activate the view.

 You can also change the Element Properties of the View on your sheet  by selecting the view and selecting the Element Properties.
3D views on a sheet are a little more tricky, you still have the “Rotation on Sheet” tool on the Options bar as well as the “Activate View” tool but you’ll notice that you no longer have access to the Crop tool.

Here you will have to set up the view how you like it in the actual view, display, crop region, scale etc. Remember if you want to save the view so you don’t inadvertently change it save the view and name it. Alternately create a camera view and use this, camera views are perspective views and you cannot change the scale.

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