Monday 8 September 2014

learn more about the Lighting Analysis tool in Revit

Interested in learning more about the Lighting Analysis tool in Revit? 
Check out the “Learning Lighting Analysis in Revit" webinar on September 17th.

Join Us for a FREE Webinar: Learning Lighting Analysis in Revit Did you know that Rendering in Autodesk A360 allows you to create daylighting illuminance renderings in a fraction of the time that it takes with other industry-standard lighting analysis tools? What’s more, you can do the same lighting analysis as you can with other tools like Radiance/DIVA, Autodesk 3ds Max, and IES-VE without interrupting your Revit workflow. If you want to learn how to perform lighting analysis in Revit, now’s your chance: We’re offering a FREE webinar on Sept. 17th at 11am PST (2 PM EST), called “Learning Lighting Analysis in Revit".

Join building performance analysis expert David Scheer for a webinar that shows you how to use streamlined workflows in Lighting Analysis and Illuminance Rendering for Revit. This session will teach you how to:  
  • Automate simulation and document results for LEED daylighting credits.
  • Enable flexible visualization of illuminance levels for anytime, location, or sky condition for any Revit 3d view.
  • Use advanced daylighting workflows and share results with remote collaborators.

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