Friday 12 April 2013

Romo and BIM... Whoda thunk it?

Check this out...its awesome...

I watched the TED Talk video earlier today and then checked out their web site.

Romo is a "Robot" that uses your I-phone as it's brain!

You can control the Romo from any other IOS devise to move, program as well as stream video and take photos.... sounds like a lot of fun. Their Web site talks about how it can be used remotely over the web, for example interacting with your kids when your away from home on a business trip or to interact with family members overseas (they call it telepresence).

Romo was developed by a start up company called Romotive. 
Romotive was a Kickstarter company with a great idea, an affordable personal robot.

What first came to mind for me was using Romo to inspect buildings, crawl spaces, elevator pits, mechanical rooms etc. Basically any confined space you don't want to go... You could take video as well as photos.
How about video conferencing? Have this thing zipping around on the conference table getting in your face!!

Cool.... Anyway.... I thought it was very Innovative and it's always interesting how we can see how gadgets like this can work with our industry!

Check it out...
Romo Web Site
Romo on TED Talks

Now if I can convince the company that I can use this to teach....or my wife that we can use this when I'm off on business trips?

Robotic Jedi?

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