Monday 15 April 2013

Solar Study - Floor plan doesn't show correctly...

Just came across this issue in one of our offices.

Were trying to show how shadows are cast in a public space of one of our buildings were working on.
what we found was that the shadows on the floor plan don't exactly match the shadows that we see cast in the camera view.

Shadow Plan View

Shadow Camera View

Seemed like the right thing to do, show the floor plan shadows and the camera view shadows together to clearly indicate the impact of day-lighting for the space.

Well the floor plan will never show the correct shadows.. I believe Revit is treating anything above the "view cut plane" as not existing, hence letting the daylight in as if the walls stop 3' off the ground. Not a true representation of a plan view of the day-lighting condition in that place.

To truly represent the shadow study I recommended that we use a 3D view showing the position/path of the sun, turn off the shadows in the plan view and only use the plan view as a indication of where the camera views are located then use the camera view to show the actual shadows within the room.

Anyone else got any ideas??
How have you done shadow studies?


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