Thursday 11 April 2013

Challenging BIM

You know sometimes BIM is challenging.. it can be challenging trying to implement full BIM on a project, or trying to convince consultants that using BIM shouldn't mean a increase in their fee.

But, occasionally things come together and those consultants you thought your going to butt heads with come through and surprise you by being fully on board. I believe this is due to them seeing the pitfalls of not participating in a BIM project and the coordination issues that typically arise with non-BIM collaborative projects. It's nice to all play together in the one sandbox :-) 

We (CEI) are have a lot of success when all consultants are using Revit and sharing models. Were now looking into facilitating the sharing of the models easier which that can be tough for a firm our size (were not huge) and out limited budget.

Often we'll hold our consultants hand while they are going through the BIM process for the first time, unless you have a Revit Guru or experienced Revit person on staff it can be quite the challenge to jump into the BIM pool... only to turn around before you leap to realize it's the Architect who has pushed you in. ;-)

Quite often if you try to do part of the project in BIM and part in CAD it can lead to disaster! Jump in with both feet, it's the only way you'll learn how to "swim in the BIM pool".

Occasionally you'll fall down... and that's okay... it means your moving forward.

BIM Zen Wisdom!


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