Monday 22 April 2013

Interference Checking in Revit

The Interference checking tool in Revit allows you to find where selected elements or all elements in a model interfere or Clash with one another. You can run an interference check any time from the Coordinate Panel on the Collaboration tab.

Here you can select categories within the current project or items from linked files.

Unfortunately you cannot compare categories between linked files. But you can select multiple categories.

For example… you can select structural columns in the project and run check against multiple categories such as Mechanical Ducts, Plumbing fixtures and Casework.

A report will be generated listing any “ Interference's”.

You can use the show button to “show” you where the interference is by selecting the item in the report.

You can export this as a html file to share with your consultants and you can also refer back and see the last report anytime.

This is an easy to use tool on simpler projects, if your working on a more complicated project your probably going to want to look into something like Navisworks Manage which has more in depth capabilities for doing Clash Detection.

A great tool...



  1. Hi there,

    the question that I am about to ask has nothing to do with your blog post. Was trying to search whether there's an email I could post to, but couldn't find one.

    Anyway, you know how there's 2 scales on the titleblock/sheet (ie A1... A3)? A1 ia automatically filled in as soon as I drag a dwg in. But how can I get the scale for A3 stated on the titleblock?

    Thanks for helping in advance!


  2. Not exactly sure what you mean...? but if you have views on a sheet with different scales, Revit will not allow in the title block more than one scale, it will say "As Indicated" meaning that your view tag should then indicate the scale..

    anyway.. T. send me your email address via comments, I wont publish it and I'll email you.. :-)

  3. I have a problem with the curtain wall, Revit always show me an interference when I draw a curtain wall intersecting with a wall, but the interference really does not exist, I dont know why Revit show me that intersection, like a interference