Wednesday 11 September 2013

Work Plane Viewer - by "What Revit Wants"

Here's a link to a great post by Luke over at What Revit Wants

Here he discusses "Why Should you use the Workplane Viewer"

I never really use the Workplane Viewer but Luke puts up a good argument as to why you should use the Workplane Viewer..

"Revit Wants you to be understand workplanes, and to host things on correct workplanes in the model.  Virtually the entire model in Revit is built up on a series of 2D planes.  Additionally, being comfortable working in 3D views is an important Revit and BIM skill.  This is why you should use the Workplane Viewer..."

Go check it out, he lists a number of good points on the benefits of using the Workplane Viewer.

Great tip Luke...
FYI; Luke is also a Revit Jedi! 




  1. I would have liked Workplane Viewer if it allows to "Set" the workplane from this viewer - till now its useless.

    1. Good point Mohammed.
      That would be a nice feature.