Friday 13 September 2013

"No Plot" Lines... Aghhhhh!

Why is it so hard to create a line type that does not print in Revit!!!!

I want to see the line in plan view but I dont want it to plot!
why cant Revit do this?.... or am I seriously missing something here???

All the things I've thought of so far include, making the line type "White"... this doesn't help! I cant see it! I don't want to use Reference planes!!!! and I don't want to hide the lines... I want to see where they are, I just don't want them to plot!

Any suggestions?

I'm going to add this to my "Why cant I move my View to another screen" wish list!


And .... What's up with showing directional arrows or ramps!!!
Really... been a problem since 2008 !!!


  1. I've experimented with a line-based detail item, where I assign a visibility parameter to a line. By default, the type has the visibility parameter turned on, but I can easily turn it off in the type settings. This turns it off/hides it everywhere; you just have to remember to do it. This means you’d also have to create one for circles etc. It’s definitely not the best solution, but it sort of works... maybe...

    1. Thanks Sam... Good idea!!
      My preference would be for Autodesk to FIX IT!

  2. Revit also needs to include the ability to have text that does not plot. So I can add notes to my drawings during production to remind myself of things before final CDs go out. Like "Check the code to make sure you don't need another door" or "Ask client if this room is big enough". Things like that.

    1. Yes... and if they had not plot lines and text I could then create a family that does not plot... like how I want to do with my Model Change Tracker Family...

  3. Many years later for this comment but just thought you might want to know - I just found this 'DoNoPLot' plug-in - really easy to use -