Monday 30 September 2013

Revit 2014 Graphics issue - disappearing ribbon and filled regions

So there is a knows issue when installing Revit 2014 on computers that already have Revit 2013 and 2012 installed, apparently the earlier versions (2013-2012) have ribbon graphics issues....

Well were experience graphics issues with Revit 2014...
We were having a problem with graphics, filled regions and then the ribbon started acting up and disappearing....

We downloaded and installed the .net framework 4.5 and the graphics issues seem to have been resolved now.

We were getting issues like this:

All fixed now...

Resume workflow!



  1. I thought this was included in the original installation? Or WU 1? No? This great. No I can get my office to stop crying about their ribbons. :)

  2. I recently applied Update Release 2 yet I still get these issues. Moreso the graphics issues with the filled regions, not so much the ribbon issues. Thoughts?

    1. Have you updated your graphics card driver?
      Also try changing the setting under "Graphic Mode" under options, ie: Hardware acceleration, anti aliasing etc.

  3. Turn hardware acceleration "ON". Surprise, surprise, after all these years of turning it off. I haven't checked anything with Hardware acceleration with the latest update (version 3)