Monday 16 September 2013

Project Chronicle - Training Videos

I first tried out Project Chronicle when if first came out. It was a little buggy but certainly something to keep watch on.

I tried it again today after downloading the latest version, they've fixed any of the problems I experienced in the earlier version. You can now download your own video,share a link in web pages, blogs, facebook, twitter, linkedin as well as email a direct link.

"The Chronicle Recording Utility allows users to capture workflows from within Autodesk products. The utility records a continuous video screen capture and optionally voice narration. What makes Chronicle unique is that is also records the timing and details of workflow information, such as the tools, settings, and dialog boxes that are used during the workflow."

If you want to try Chronicle yourself sign up for Labs and download Project Chronicle.

Try it out it's a great training took for Autodesk products as it shows the picks and clicks as you go through the exercise.

Below are links to the training videos I've done so far, there is a group of exercised I did from a session I attended at RTC 2013. The other is on Design options I did today.... it was a "one shot" recording... no fine editing done here!!


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