Monday 28 January 2013

Copying objects through linked files

Did you know you can copy objects through linked files!

For example you receive the structural model and link it into your project, you can select all the structural grids and paste them back into your project.

you can also copy object that have parameters associated to them and paste them into your project and the parameters are then available to you, it's just like inserting the family itself! 

We tried it with a door and wall and it pasted into the view and we can then manipulate the properties and parameters of the door and wall successfully!

Being able to copy clip objects from linked files is great!!!



  1. Wouldn't it be more interesting to use the Copy/Monitor function?
    It does the same copy-function (and even replace family/type if wanted)
    This way, if the linked model is updated, the copied-instances would monitor the changes and update automatic.

    Ps: Love your blog!

  2. Yes! Absolutely.
    I will be blogging about this in a upcoming post.

    Thanks for your comments :-)