Thursday 17 January 2013

Are We Ready for 2013?

I just received a e-newsletter from "Architecture 2030" and read the personal message from Edward Mazria on "Are We Ready for 2013"

Its a great article so I thought I'd share a link, it's well worth checking out.

Here's a snipit!

"We know the urban built environment produces over 70% of all global GHG emissions driving this climate crisis. Today, five out of ten people on the planet live in urban areas; by 2030 it will be six out of ten people living in urban areas.

By 2030, we will construct over 900 billion square feet of new buildings in urban areas worldwide (including demolition and rebuilding): a staggering number roughly equal to three and a half times all the buildings existing in the U.S. today.

Over the next two decades, we will literally build and rebuild most of the global built environment.
This is our opportunity, our challenge."
I especially like his last comment "this is our opportunity, our challenge"... so true!
Eddy... an environmental Jedi.!

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