Tuesday 21 February 2012

Wrapping at Inserts - Explained

This is the first of three consecutive blogs on Wall Wrapping...
I've always struggled with how to explain how to use the Revit function of "Wrapping at Inserts" under the Wall Type Properties...probably because I have never really looked into it thoroughly enough... until now!

Here is an explanation of what it means to set the layer wrapping of walls at inserts and how to use this function.

Your basic compound wall can wrap around inserted objects such as door and windows.

Here is the difference between the options under the properties of the Wall.
Here you'll see the relevant component wrapping where it meets the window.

Do not wrap:
Here you see the wall components of the wall do not wrap around where the window sits.

Here you see the Exterior wall component wraps at the window insert.

Here you see the Interior wall component wraps at the window insert.

Interior Wrapping at window Insert

(Image care of WikiHelp)

Here you see that both the interior and exterior wall components wrap where the meet the window.

The function of Wrapping around Complex Inserts works not only with Windows and Doors but with any complex shaped inserts.

Wrapping at window Insert Examples
(Image care of WikiHelp)


  1. Scott- Thank you for the post. I'm having some very odd behavior in one of our models that I was hoping you could bring some clarity to. I have a user that has applied the "wrap at inserts" parameter to "both" for an interior partition. Three odd things are happening in plan when this is applied.

    1. We lose the layering of materials
    2. A wall hatch/poche is applied to the wall as if we are cutting through a solid gypsum board
    3. The adjacent walls do not clean up.

    My understanding is that wrapping at inserts should only apply where doors, windows, etc. are cut through. I've checked the extents of the wall vertically, view range, etc., and don't see anything out of place.

    I can't seem to find anything online that discusses this sort of behavior. Have you seen it before?

    1. Thanks Bill, please send me your email address (I wont post it here) and I'll get back to you ASAP.
      May have to send me some screen shots etc...
      couple things to check, wall base levels match, adjacent wall materials match, for interior walls just select interior wrap.
      and yes it should just be for inserts..


  2. Thanks alot

  3. Hi
    Is there a way in Revit to modify or create different types of wrapping in the same wall, one end no wrapping the other end with wrapping?
    Any help really appreciated

  4. What defines the lateral position of the wrap?