Wednesday 1 February 2012

Using the Sun to your Advantage

Ever noticed that when you spin your model around in a 3d view your shadows change sides.... it's like your rotating the model and the Sun stays in the same location!

Well that's actually what's happening!

Always seemed strange to me that this occurs, you spend so much time setting up the location and project north etcetera and the sun doesn't follow you as you rotate the 3D model!

Here is a easy fix....

On the Status Bar (that's the one on the bottom) click on the Sun Path icon and then select Sun Settings.

Uncheck the tick box for Relative to View.

This then tells Revit that you want the Sun to be relative to your view, not the other way around.
Now when you spin your model around you'll notice that the shadows stay relative to your model.

I much prefer this!

Check my next blog for more tips when using the Solar Settings.

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