Monday 13 February 2012

Disallow Join

I recently ran into an issue where we had a interior stud wall that butts up to a Curtain wall or a Store Front wall.

Similar to this:

Here you'll see a Stud wall butts up to the corner of a storefront wall at the corner mullion.

As you can see here the Stud wall want to join the Curtain wall at the location Line. In this case the Stud wall overlaps onto the corner Mullion of the curtain wall.

You cant drag the point away from the corner as it will join the Curtain wall.

Here is the solution to this problem.

If you pick the stud wall and right click right on the end control grip.... like so.....

The right click dialog box will pop up with the Option to Disallow Join. Select this and it will then allow you to drag the end grip away from the wall without it automatically joining the wall.

NOTE: Please note that you have to Right Click directly on the end grip, you wont get the same Right Click options if you just Right Click on the wall itself.


  1. It took me the longest time to work this out. I can't help feeling that relying on a right-click context menu is a bit counter-intuitive. Once join has been disallowed you get a little symbol next to the end grip and you can click on the symbol to allow joins. It would be nice if the symbol was available all the time, then you would have a better chance of discovering the feature.

  2. You can right-click the end node and press 'J' on your keyboard... Speeds the process up a little...

  3. Hover of the object and use the tab key to scroll through the layered objects until you are able to select the window join you need.