Wednesday 15 February 2012

Decal Borders

If you have a situation where you have a decal that shows a black border around it that you don't want to see here are some options for you....
Unfortunately Decals are part of the "Object Styles > Model Objects > Generic Models" category and you cant really turn those off or manipulate them as it'll affect the entire generic model....but we can manipulate the Decals Graphics per Element.

You can turn on or off the Decal (or Image) frame like you can in AutoCAD.....BUT you can manipulate it to minimize it as much as possible.

Right Click on your Decal and select "Override Graphics in View > By Element" Here you can turn off the crossing lines by making them "Transparent". This doesn't affect the Decal Image only the black lines...

However I cant get the border to disappear, so if anyone has any suggestions on how to control that please drop me a line in the comments box below...



  1. Just figured out a great work around for 3D views. Create a line pattern with a dot and some larger space (I used 1/2"). Then use the overide graphics to set the boarder to this line pattern. Then make sure your drawing scale is set real low like 6" = 1'-0". You may need to adjust things slightly to get it to work right for your drawing but you should end up with just 4 dots in the corners of the decal, which is way better than a line.

    1. Great idea with that Line Pattern. Thanks!

    2. This work around only working in parallel not in perspective.

  2. change the projection line colour to match the background (white or grey). this works for me

  3. To place a decal that is visible on my construction documents exterior elevations, I've used visual style realistic but changed all materials to all white to look like a hidden line drawing (link to process: , and thank you very much for that), so this may only work for this situation but here is my workaround. I created a generic model subcategory "stoopid decal workaround" and changed its line color to white. Then set the decal to that subcategory and the white border disappears into the white material behind it. This may not work for any other circumstance but seems to resolve my issue in this case.