Friday 3 June 2011

View 2D and 3D files with Freewheel

Check out Freewheel, I was playing with it this morning as I'm looking for something that allows us to view 3D models on a i-pad and I remembered this program from Autodesk.

Freewheel is a free web service that allows you to share 2D and 3D files easily with out the recipient having to download software. It's not as smooth or versatile as design Review and certainly not as powerful as Navisworks but it may work for those clients who want something easy and simple to use to view your model.... check it out.

Apparently you can also embed this into your web site and   it is possible to experience Freewheel in a browser on Windows, a mobile phone, or Macintosh!! (although I haven't tried this myself yet)... Brian can I borrow your I-pad?

Pretty cool stuff!!

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