Friday 17 June 2011

Project Neon Authentication Error

I was having some issues when trying to use the new Neon On-line Rendering Service.

When I try to render straight from the Web Service Plug in for Revit I get the Render Online dialog box where I can change the camera, quality etc...

Then after clicking the Start Rendering button it starts to create the render and then I get the error message:

Apparently at the time I was also logged in to the web site log in as well as being logged in through Revit. 
The way to resolve the issue and get past the error message was to log out of both the Web site and log out of the Revit sign in.

Then when restarting the Web Service Rendering from Revit it will ask you to log in and then it will run fine.... 
Minor thing but it sure was annoying when trying out Project Neon.

I am still playing with the renderings, I have seen on some other blogs some great results..... I haven't been able to duplicate those results yet but I'm working on it!!!
I DO LOVE the ability to Render and not have it hold up production on my computer... Rendering can take time and this way I can Render and still work on my Project... love that!

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