Thursday 16 June 2011

Converting Survey ASC file

Surveyors can send you their survey datum points as a ASC file format.

To convert a surveyors ASC file into a points file that we can then bring into Revit to create a Topographical site follow these simple steps.
·         Open Microsoft Excel and open your ASC file.
·         Click next on the first dialog box of the "Text Import Wizard". Then uncheck the Tab box and check the Comma box.

Click next then finish to close dialog box.
·         This will then convert and open up your ASC file, delete column A which is just numerical numbering of the rows.

·         Save the file as a CSV (Comma delimited) file. Click through any error messages that may pop up. Close Excel.

·         Open Revit and create a site using "Specify Points file" specifying the Units as Meters.

·         Your surface will then be created based upon the points that the Surveyor has created, you may find that will delete some of the points to refine the boundary of the Topo surface.

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