Thursday 2 June 2011

Locking 3D Views

So with the new 2012 version of Revit Architecture we now have the ability to lock our 3D views.

Autodesk is promoting this as part of the process for placing tags and keynotes now in 3D views but I really like this tool just for the ability to have multiple 3D views that I want to save and not inadvertently change the view angle I want.

There's three options when locking 3D views:

· Save Orientation and Lock View: Locks the view at the current orientation. You cannot orbit the model in this mode.

 · Restore Orientation and Lock View: Restores an unlocked, reoriented view to its previously locked orientation. Any tags and keynotes placed at the original orientation will display.
· Unlock View: Unlocks the current orientation, allowing you to navigate and orbit the 3D view. Any tags or keynotes placed in the view do not display until you click the Restore Orientation and Lock View command.

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