Monday 16 June 2014

RTC North America, Here I Come !!

I'm off to Chicago on Wednesday to attend the Revit Technology Conference.
Looking forward to it. I missed last years event which was in Vancouver, I was overseas at the time.

I'm presenting my session on "Being the Best BIM Manager".

An interactive lecture on the role and responsibilities of the BIM manager, those you expect and a few that you don’t! We’ll look at ways to become the best BIM manager.

During this session we will look at ways you can become an outstanding BIM manager. We will examine the roles and responsibilities of the position, and outline tips and tricks for managing BIM models and the people who create them. We will describe how the role of a BIM manager can positively affect the operation of your firm.

I'm looking forward to catching up with my BIM colleagues from across North America and I hope we have some time to check out the fantastic architecture in Chicago.

If your attending RTC this year please seek me out, I'm always interested in meeting people who read my blog, ask me for one of my "Revit Jedi" decals.... 


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