Wednesday 4 June 2014

Presentation Series on Improving Project Delivery

If you are in the Vancouver (BC) area next week I would like to invite you to a series of sessions dedicated to improving how you deliver projects.

The “Improving the Process of Delivering Projects” series is designed to stimulate discussion on improving the project delivery process. Sessions are designed for members of the AEC industry who would like to see a more integrated approach to project delivery. These sessions will provide you with tools and skills to enhance your project delivery and collaborate with consultants, your client and the contractor.

These quarterly sessions will be facilitated by Scott Chatterton, BIM and QC Manager for CEI Architecture. The first will be held at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, June 12 at CEI Architecture’s office at 500-1500 West Georgia Street, Vancouver. 

Click here for more details and to reserve your seat.

The goals of these sessions are to educate, communicate and cooperate.

These sessions are not:
·         …Another user group. These are a limited series of presentations directed towards improving how we deliver projects in the design and construction industry.

·         …Focussed on Revit. They are high level overviews of the processes for delivering projects.

·         …A sales pitch. We’re not selling anything, promoting any products or any specific company. We’re discussing how to improve project delivery.

These sessions are:
Designed for Decision Makers. They’re for project managers, partners, associates, architects, engineers and contractors. Decision makers who need information to be able to make educated decisions and keep up with industry trends.

Free What more can I say?

The first session will feature two presentations, guaranteed to stimulate thought and discussion.

Collaboration in the Design Process
Rodrigo Freig; WSP Group

This presentation looks at three different case scenarios of BIM collaboration and how the process impacted the project delivery. We will look at the level of involvement of consultants, contractors and owners, and the benefits gained and/or lost.

Rodrigo Freig is the technical manager for the engineering departments at WSP Group’s Vancouver office. He has 14 years’ experience in the structural engineering field and he also teaches Revit Structures at the British Columbia Institute of Technology. He has been involved with BIM processes since 2006 and is an enthusiast of working in 3D.  

Building an Integrated Team to Deliver a Project
Owen Pawson; Miller Thomson

This session covers the following aspects of collaborative project delivery:
  • Who should be on the team
  • The importance of trust within the team
  • The importance of BIM in enhancing collaboration
  • Tying rewards (and risk) to project success
  • Decision making within the team
  • Dispute resolution (if really necessary)
Owen Pawson is the Managing Partner of Miller Thomson's Vancouver office. He practices as a solicitor with the firm in construction law. He assists governments, crown corporations and a variety of construction companies, architects, engineers and interior designers to identify issues and resolve conflicts in construction law, develop commercial arrangements for traditional design-tender-build projects through to major design-build and engineer, procure and construct facilities, as well as public private partnerships projects. In this regard, Owen has been involved in the preparation of procurement processes and complex contracts necessary to implement design-build school projects and major transportation infrastructure projects by way of design-build, P3 and EPC contracts. He also advises clients with respect to professional liability of design consultants and has prepared professional consulting agreements for a variety of projects.


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