Thursday 26 June 2014

Project Skyscraper - Revit Server for the Cloud.

Yeah, finally Autodesk has announced Project Skyscraper!

Project Skyscraper to bring Revit Collaboration to the Cloud  
Project Skyscraper is a technology preview for Revit that will allow architects, engineers and contractors to collaborate on the Autodesk 360 cloud platform, eliminating the need for firms to invest in costly IT set-ups.

Basically it's Revit Server on the Cloud! YES! No more trying to share models with our consultants, trying to break through firewalls, being restricted with bandwidth restrictions, frustration of sync issues.... Revit Server on the Cloud! About time! It's the one piece in the collaboration puzzle that's been missing.

With collaborative workflows across teams spanning different firms and locations becoming more and more common, architecture, engineering and construction firms are looking for ways to simultaneously co-author models across firewalls. Project Skyscraper allows project stakeholders from multiple companies or locations to concurrently author a model using the BIM process. 

Wrapping this up within the Autodesk 360 platform make sense, in my opinion 360 was more for contractors and designers didn't really reap the benefits until after design. Skyscraper will complete that circle so we can now all collaborate real time...which does bring up other issues....
Do we really want to share our models real time? I think in the early stages of design we'll have to work out some sort of protocols and restrict sharing to bi-weekly or weekly. Nothing worse than working on a design only to find that it's all been changed 10 minutes latter.

Cant wait to try it out...


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  1. Glad you're excited. Go ahead and sign up to participate in the Open House.

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