Wednesday 13 March 2013

Opening Project and Specifying Worksets

Did you know you can specify worksets when opening a project?
This is particularly handy when opening up those large projects that take a long time to create a new local…which you do every morning right!

When opening the project under the “Open” drop down selection you can select the options:

All: Opens all worksets in the central file. This will significantly reduce performance.

Editable: Opens all editable worksets. This too can significantly reduce performance.

Last Viewed: Opens worksets according to your last saved session. If you are opening the file for the first time it will open all worksets. Typically this setting is used.

Specify: Here it will open another dialog box (the Opening Worksets dialog box) where you can then specify which worksets you want to open. By default it will open the last worksets based on your last saved session.
Opening Worksets Dialog Box


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