Monday 4 March 2013

Inches to the forth power error message

Received another weird error message from Revit.
Not quite sure what prompted this error message....
I did some research on this message and this is basically what I found was that in some cases it is caused by insufficient disc space. 

I found some information regarding this error on Jeremy Tammik's blog "The Building Coder" where he talks about when Revit  was first developed in the US it was based upon Imperial units. When Metric and other units were introduced into Revit the basic existing database (based upon Imperial) remained.
Jeremy mentions "When Revit's API was introduced, the simplest method of introduction was to expose the database values directly. Thus feet for length, metric for everything else".

Thus I believe the reason for the verbiage of the error message. 

In my case it wasn't a large file and running a audit on the file seemed to have resolved any issues.

Just got this reply from Autodesk Technical Support...

The error is incorrect and should read "end of file".

From the description, the file on the server is not a full version of the file, but a full version does get written when you try the command again.

If you have not already, I would purge the file to reduce the file size. I would also make sure that no one else is accessing the central file when others are saving or syncing.

It was quite a quick response from Autodesk.

I'm starting to collect a variety of "Weird" Revit error messages!


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