Wednesday 20 March 2013

Exit Path Line Type

Here’s an idea I had for clearly showing exit travel path. We want the path to show clearly but we don’t want to use heavy lines as it can sometimes be confusing with wall fire rating line types.
What I've done here is use a repeating detail, this way it’ll only show on the view we want (it’s not a model component), it can be any style you choose. In this case I've used a simple grey arrow, you could use a person running, or better yet a person running who is on fire…

Start by using the family template “Detail Component line based” Imperial or Metric, it’s up to you.

Sketch your desired symbol, save detail component, load into project.

 After you've loaded it into your project you now need to create a repeating detail using this “Detail Component”.

Duplicate and rename an existing repeating detail and specify the Detail, Layout, Spacing and Rotation (I seem to have to rotate mine 90* Counter clockwise!)
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Then trace or place your path using your repeating detail…

Should look something like this.
No confusion here with FRR’s….
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Or this:



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