Thursday 23 August 2012

Revit View Cube Tips

I think the “ViewCube” is a underutilized tool.
Here are some tips and tricks for using the “ViewCube”.

The View cube can offer you additional views aside from the twenty six defined area’s (views set by clicking on one of the faces on the ViewCube).

If you Right Click on the ViewCube or select the small drop down icon on the bottom right  you have available to you a number of options.

Here you can save a view to the Project Browser, it’ll show up under your 3D views.

Set the current view as the Home View, this is handy if you want to set a specific view as your home view. You can reset this view back to the default any time.

By selecting the Orient to View or the Orient to Direction tool the dialog box will expand to allow you to select from views under the Floor Plans, Elevations or 3D Views that you have under the Project Browser.

The same applies for the Orient to a Direction selection.

These tools allow you to quickly and easily take you to specific views of the model, don’t be afraid to save specific views of the model to allow you quick access to 3D views you require.

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