Friday 24 August 2012

Check out this Awesome Window Tile App

Finally someone came up with an Revit App that tiles windows properly....
Check out this Awesome Window Tile App.

I just downloaded this free App from the Autodesk "App Exchange" (top right corner in Revit, looks like a X...) called "Palladio X BIM WindowsLayout"

Here is their blurb....: Using this addin, all open windows can be arranged by a scheme. Contrary to the built-in windows arranging tool which allows you only to tile or cascade windows, PXBIM WindowsLayout assumes that you want the active window to get most of the screen space. You can give 20 to 80 percent of the screen space to the active window while the inactive windows will arrange in the remaining space. Additionally, you can save and restore your window configuration. Optionally, you can decide if you want the re-arranged windows to be zoomed in or not.

I love it...finally i can arrange my windows automatically without having to manually do it!
AND... it's FREE!

Here are some screen shots:

You can specify the arrangement.

Increase or decrease the size of the windows.

You can save the configuration and under options control what happens when it arranges the windows for you...

Love it!



  1. Yes, I Tried this with Revit2014 and the programme subsequently wouldn't load. Clash error? Anyway, only after I uninstalled it (the app) could I load Revit problem free. close but so far (sigh.)

  2. Only problem with this plugin is, they don't have option to set four equal size two up and two down on left side and one large view on right and side. We are using two monitors and I want to set four square views on right side instead of all ribbon kind rectangular views and one full size working window on right side to effectively utilize screens.