Wednesday 11 April 2012

Halftone/Underlay Control

You can control the brightness of Halftone elements.
Halftone elements are typically assigned to Underlay's as well as any objects that have been assigned to show as halftone.

One way You can override objects to read as Halftone by right clicking and selecting Override Graphics in View.

You can adjust the intensity of the halftone under the Manage Tab > Additional Settings > Halftone/Underlay.

By moving the Bar Slider you can adjust the Brightness.

This shows the Halftone is set to 50.

This shows the Halftone is set to 80.


  1. Thanks Scott. Always a good source of knowledge.

  2. Just what I need!!!

  3. Thank you so much Mr. Chatterton

  4. Hi Scott, I'm curious to find out what exact settings, in terms of color override on black color, (ie Hue, Sat, Lum | Red, Green, Blue) can be set to make it look exactly Halftone (or half brightness).

    This would be useful because in some instances, halftone checkboxes in visual graphics settings are sometimes greyed-out as they would affect multiple elements (such as structural framing - it will affect both steel and concrete).

    In this case I am trying to halftone concrete structural framing but keep steel structural framing as normal.

    An easy answer to this would be to create a filter but it would be useful to know regardless.