Tuesday 24 April 2012

Building Design Suite 2013 Installation Instructions

Here are some simple instructions for when you install your Building Design Suite (or any other software really).

  1. Select your Country, this helps with content selection latter on. Select agree to move onto the next screen.

  1. Input Serial Number and Key Number.

  1. Select or Deselect software you want to load. Only install the software you need. You can load the additional software latter on if you need too. By not installing the software you probably wont use will free up some computer resources.

  1. Configure selected software: Click on each software icon to manipulate configuration. Verify that all disciplines are loaded as well as Imperial, Metric and country content if applicable. Click “configuration” to close and continue. When configuring ACA and ACAD dont forget to include the express tools.

  1. Click next to continue. Software installation will now begin.
  2. Keep your earlier versions (for the time being). If your on Subscription you can have up to three previous versions  on your computer but if your not on Subscription you do have a limited amount of time before you have to uninstall the previous version.

For Revit, after installation is complete check the configuration of Revit – Under Options set the following:

  • Back-up reminder time to 30 min and 2 hours for Synchronization
  • Set default discipline to the applicable discipline such as "Architecture" for Architects...
  • Set Template file location. Prior to this open up your company Revit Template (project file) and save a copy as your 2013 version and then save this as your new 2013 version template. I then typically archive the older version templates.
  • Set the "Default Local" folder to your custom local folder location. IE: My Documents Revit Local File
  • Map any missing library folders for Metric Library, Metric Detail Library and company Component Content folders.
And Finally.... Dont forget to install you favorite add on tools and Subscription Advantage pack...

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