Friday 25 October 2019

What is Aeos?

I often get asked... "What is Aeos?"
Aeos is a consulting firm with a focus on improving how the Architecture, Engineering, Construction (AEC) industry delivery projects to their clients (Owners).
Today’s design firms are challenged with meeting the evolving needs of their clients. Constraints such as time and budget are not uncommon and have been the “norm” since…forever..!
Today’s clients/owners and their projects are demanding more, they are demanding efficiency in construction due to social responsibility combined with the ever-increasing pressure to economize construction and operational costs. Essentially we have to design, construct, and operate buildings more efficiently.
Design consultants are pressured to deliver more with less. Increased complexity of scope due to the demand from clients to be completed in less time, with reduced fees and less staff. 
The AEC industry is evolving from a traditional process to one of a holistic approach in delivering our built environment as opposed to a linear architectural approach to design. Architects and the entire design team now have work symbiotically with the entire project team, not only design and construction but also the owner, supplier, trades, etc. Digital 
Project Delivery has revolutionized the traditional process of how we design, construct and operate buildings. This change has been instigated by many factors including the evolving use of technology in the design and construction process, such as Building Information Modeling, sustainability pressures (social responsibility) and economics.
Aeos has arisen as a result of this change in the traditional process of delivering design to one of Digital Project Delivery where workflow incorporating technology plays a crucial role in the day to day production of the delivery of today’s complex projects.
With the rapid development of Building Information Modeling (BIM), and the demand for improved BIM utilization to meet the project demands, design firms are struggling with the implementation and utilization of BIM. This struggle is exacerbated by the rapid development of technology and the increasing complexity of projects and the “forcing” of the use of technology within a traditional process, resulting in in-efficiency, increased risk, and reduced profitability.
The goal of Aeos is to provide guidance and support to the AEC industry in improving how we deliver projects in the age of Digital Project Delivery through managing changes in the workflow required by today's project demands.
Our goal is to help firms successfully deliver projects efficiently, effectively and profitably. We help design firms become profitable, improve competitive marketing advantage, retain key staff and design a production workflow that enables them to improve utilization, reduce risk and meet the needs of the project.
Aeos can provide essential services concentrating on digital project delivery production include;
  •       Digital Practice Consulting
  •        Workflow and Process Analysis  
  •       Project Triage
  •       BIM Implementation
  •       Application Training
  •       And much more.

If your organization is struggling with adapting to a Digital Project Delivery Workflow give Aeos a call to discover how we can help your firm reach it’s potential. 
You can reach Aeos at or find out more on our web site 

As to the name…. Aeos is the mythological horse that drew the Sun Charriot along with three other horses across the sky for the Greek sun God Helios.
The analogy here is Aeos Consulting helping you succeed in helping drive forward your goals, by bringing together a team of experts.

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