Wednesday 18 November 2015

Being an Outstanding BIM Manager - 4

4.     Software

How to keep up-to-date on software, including new processes and implementation and roll-out of new or add-in software.

Gone are the days when we would skip every other release and continue working on our old version of software... and even then quite often have to save down to share files with consultants. Nowadays with Autodesk Subscription there are no reasons not to upgrade.

Take advantage of what you pay Autodesk every year in your subscription fees and maximise your software ROI by upgrading and utilising the add-ons and every piece of software you have as part of your sub. If you start missing releases it's a bigger learning curve to catch up... learning curves slow down production!

Our projects are getting larger and more complex, the performance of Revit is improving with each new release.

Get it.
Test it.
Use it.

Work with IT, they need to have an understanding of how you use the software and it’s demands. Explain the ROI of utilizing add-on’s and subscription tools, upper management may not understand BIM but they understand ROI.

That being said, make sure when you implement an add-on or additional tool you roll it out to the right people, you want to maximize its effectiveness and improve its chances of success, you can only do this with the right people who are willing to test new tools… bugs and all.

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