Wednesday 22 April 2015

Revit 2016 and the new Energy Analysis features


Autodesk finally released Revit 2016. Cant wait to check it out and see what new features have been added and how well it performs.

Frankly I don't expect any "Earth Shattering" features... in fact I'll be happy if they don't have anything too new! I think were beyond that point of truly "new features" with Revit. 

For 2016, all I expect is for it to perform better than 2015 with the inclusion of some of the add on features such as the Building Performance Analysis tools which I think will become more main stream as we use these tools as part of the development of our designs.

I think 2016 (version) will be the juncture where we move from desktop applications to cloud computing, I believe that is the direction Autodesk is going, along with the integration  of software such as Inventor as we go from design straight to fabrication.

Check out some of the new BPA tools for Revit 2016 here and keep up to date on the BPA tools by checking out the BPA New and Community blog.


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  1. Superb New Features introduced in revit 2016. I would definately like to use it now after reading your post.