Thursday 23 April 2015

Justifying a Revit Manager

Here's a great blog posting by Steve Stafford from Revit OpEd.

It's titled "Justifying a Revit Manager" and its about justifying having a Revit Manager. 
... note there the term Revit... not BIM.... Steve's talking about a Revit Manager, not a BIM Manager. 

There is a distinct difference in the two roles. Early BIM Managers did focus on Revit and developing Revit standards etc, now that those standards have been established BIM Managers typically hand the maintenance of the Revit Standards off to someone else in the company so they can focus on BIM Management which includes project "BIM" management among many other things.

Here at CEI we even break it down to project specific roles by having BIM Lead's (multiple if the project requires) who's focus is the BIM requirements of the project.

It's an interesting read and worth checking out...


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