Thursday 19 March 2015


I received my acceptance as a speaker at Revit Technology Conference yesterday! Woo hoo.
I'm always excited to be accepted as a speaker... at any event! But especially RTC.

For me RTC is where I can connect with the top people in my industry (AEC) and specifically, but not limited too, Revit. I see more and more the blend between software products, hardware (check out IrisVR) as well as processes, specifically BIM and IPD. 

My session will be about being a BIM Manager, tips on how to manage projects and the people working on those projects, it will also include a interactive round table discussion after my presentation which is always a great opportunity to hear what challenges other people are having and the solutions that arise from the discussion. Round table sessions are always lively and fun. 

If you have attended my session last year at RTC or at AU, this will be different format, content, information etc...

I'll be posting more about my session as the time gets closer. In the mean time registration will open soon for RTCNA, I believe some time in March.

I've also been working on my presentation skills.... probably something you don't often hear people say eh! I'm fortunate that the company I work for (CEI Architecture) encourages presenting and we recently held an "in office" speaker workshop run by Robert Murray who worked with each of us on fine tuning our presentation skills.

So, if your able to attend RTC North America I hope to see you there, once again, if you follow my blog come and say hi.


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  1. Maybe you'll be able to bring someone else from the firm this year (hint hint).