Monday 16 March 2015

Project Retrospective: Part 2

Continuation from previous posting Project Retrospective Part 1:

Conducting a Project Retrospective Meeting
The task of the facilitator is to guide the team through the review of the project.

  • Conduct the meeting if possible in person rather than by teleconference.
  • Encourage participation by all team members.
  • Use the Project Retrospective guide at the back of this document to facilitate the meeting.
  • Select a facilitator. An outside facilitator is recommended as they are less likely to get caught up in the content of the conversation and can encourage participation by all team members. If the BIM manager is not available to facilitate ask the Office Manager to facilitate the meeting.
Plan ahead your discussion points according to the phases of the project. If there are known issues include this in your planned discussion point, cover all discussion points in chronological order of events.

Facilitator approach:
At the start of the meeting the facilitator should start by reminding the team of the purpose of the meeting including:

  • The goal is to guide and improve the process and project strategies for a successful project for future project teams.
  • Always start with the good points. Begin by asking what went well, what were the successes of the project and why. Identify strategies to ensure successful practises are built into processes and future projects.
  • The purpose of the Project Retrospective is not to grade success or failure.
  • There are always ways to improve a projects delivery and we all can learn from one another’s experience.
  • Participants should share honest observations; everyone has something valuable to contribute.
  • Create an atmosphere of openness and ease of voicing their input into the session.
  • Go around the room to give everyone the opportunity to speak, prompt quieter members for their input and comments.
The facilitator should employ a variety of discussion techniques to fully explore the discussion topics and to facilitate honest accurate conversation between team members.

Part 3:
Facilitators Approach cont.
Discussion techniques may include...
Suggested Project Retrospective questions.....

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