Thursday 22 January 2015

Okanagan BIM User Group - Save the Date

I have organised another Okanagan BIM User Group meeting to specifically go over then new Autodesk Collaboration tools including Revit for Collaboration (formally Project Skyscraper) and A360.

Should be a very informative session on the new collaboration tools by Ceasar Ruest, Autodesk’s Construction Solutions Executives.

Social Project Delivery
Caesar Ruest is the Autodesk Construction Solutions Executive based in Toronto, Canada

The ability to create, post, and access information anytime and anywhere is expected within a public environment through social media applications delivered through web. 

The successful adoption of social media exists due to a low cost of entry like a cell phone, ease of use, and the ability to share information. Globally, social media has been proven to create change at astonishing rates. Considering the world of capital projects, can we leverage a similar prescription with positive results? Social project delivery could be the future where project teams socialize their updated project status through a personalized web page, and share or access critical project files through the Cloud. 

The Cloud offers a low cost entry point for data storage and software services compared to the investment in servers and high performance workstations. The real potential of the social project environment involves the external project members who need to view and comment on the project information by using their web browsers. This session will describe the innovation within Cloud collaboration throughout the project lifecycle, and highlight upcoming advancements in Revit centralized cloud models.

Please save the date: February 25th from 6pm to 9pm at the Okanagan College KLO Road Kelowna BC.

Seating will be limited so please contact me to confirm your seat.

Further information about the evening will be released closer to the date.



  1. Scott, please reserve 2 seats for me at User Group meeting.

    Don Schuster
    Forma Construction.