Friday 9 January 2015

Being a BIM Manager

I read Luke Johnson's blog "What Revit Wants" this morning. His posting was in response to a linked in article titled "Yes Your Firm Needs a BIM Manager". I agree to the article (why your firm needs a BIM Manager) and also with Luke's comment, "BIM Managers being a Jack of all Trades".

However I feel that both only are speaking about certain aspects of being a BIM Manager. 

In my opinion the role is an evolving one as your firm develops their BIM content, processes and protocols.

Personally, what I have found is that when I joined my current firm a number of years ago as their first BIM Manager, my role was to develop standards and templates etc and to maintain those standards, similar to the traditional role of a CAD Manager. 

I have found that as these standards, protocols and processes are being developed my role has naturally transitioned to tasks beyond basic standards maintenance including the involvement of the initial project start-up and the implementation of the BIMx plan.

I now have in place processes and BIM strategies for each project and have in place people in various “BIM” positions in the project team to facilitate the BIM process throughout all stages of the project. My role now as BIM Manager has involved to include all aspects of BIM throughout the firm. 

This evolution never occurred as a CAD Manager, I believe that the "BIM Manager" role is evolving still and will be a staple component to all projects.

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