Wednesday 12 November 2014

CanBIM Regional Session - Save the Date

CanBIM Regional Session - Save the Date

The Role of BIM for Owners and Facility Managers

Montreal - Quebec
February 19, 2015

Building owners and facility managers are discovering the value of BIM.  The life-cycle benefits are immense when we consider the large amount of information that is stored in the model pertaining to every aspect of a building. When harnessed properly, this data can improve building performance, save time, effort, and money in running and maintaining the building during its life cycle. The information available to Owners and Facility Managers via the BIM can also serve as a foundation for future modifications and alterations to the property. 

With the downstream benefits being so high, it’s only a matter of time before Owners will be using BIM. How can Owners and Facility Managers begin using BIM? What can AEC (Architecture, Engineering, Construction) firms do to accommodate this process? Join us in MontrĂ©al to learn more!



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