Monday 3 November 2014

AU 2014 session not to be missed

I have been asked to co-present a session at AU this year. 

Woo hoo, finally I get to present at AU... even if it means I have to get in through the back door!

I wont go on and on about how many times I have submitted sessions to AU... it's a lot.... I'm proud to have been asked by Justin James of Reach Consulting to co-present with him, it means a lot to me just to be asked!

Justin and I have presented and taught together in the past on the subject of BIM, we are both passionate about the subject which comes across during our presentations (I think JJ may in fact be better at presenting than I am, but dont tell him I said that!).  

Autodesk University 2014, December 2-4 Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas.

BM7557 - Real Revit set up and its partnership with a BIM Execution Plan

Do you need to set up a workflow for the introduction of full BIM use on a project? Have your teams been struggling with adoption? Let us share our expertise with you as we take a broader look at what works and what doesn't from execution plans, down to simple file management. Regardless of your experience as a BIM manager on a project - you are certain to pick up valuable tips on true production Revit and the development/real-world use of an Execution Plan.

Check out the session and sign-up, it's sure to be an entertaining and informative session.
I'm going!


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