Monday 25 August 2014

Learn more about Autodesk's Cloud Rendering capabilities

Learn more about Autodesk's Cloud Rendering capabilities, its not just for renderings...

Some of the features available are:

Photorealistic rendering
Produce stunning, high-quality renderings from designs and models with cloud rendering in Autodesk 360.

Batch rendering management
Cloud rendering in Autodesk 360 manages large batches of rendering jobs in a fraction of the time required on your desktop.

Panoramas, solar studies, and illuminance

Perform solar study renderings and navigate through interactive panoramas. Create illuminance simulations. Apply environments to rendered scenes.

Check out the web site HERE 

Utilizing "Infinate" computing power instead of tieying up your desktop computer while rendering.

We've had some pretty good results ourselves... Check out this previous blog posting to see our results. HERE


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