Thursday 7 August 2014

Improving the Process of Delivering Projects - Session 2

I will be running another Improving Project Delivery session next Tuesday, August 12th at 6:30pm in Kasian’s office located at 1500 West Georgia Street, Suite 1685. 

I have two great presentations for you for this session including a presentation by Michael Horta explaining the Integrated Project Delivery process and a second presentation by Shane Scranton from Burlington Vermont (USA) demonstrating how Virtual Reality is having an impact on the construction Industry.

BIM and IPD: What is Integrated Project Delivery
Michael Horta
Architectural BIM Consultants

Michael will be presenting on Integrated Project Delivery. What is it, why did it come about and how it  is changing how we do work.
He will cover different examples of IPD contracts, different cash incentives and multiple ways we can profit from it as well as preparing your firm for IPD, the steps you should follow to be able to produce work at an IPD level.

At Architectural BIM Consultants, Michael focuses on assisting AEC firms evaluate all aspects of their technology strategy, helping them in their conversion to new BIM technology and increasing the firm’s overall return on their technology investment.

Virtual Reality and the Construction Industry
Shane Scranton

IrisVR is creating software that sends SketchUp and Revit files directly into a virtual reality (VR) environment, such as the Oculus Rift. This tool will offer a “one click” interface - a feature that allows architects, designers, and students to quickly view their 3D models in VR and iterate through the design and review process with clients. The VR experience also gives viewers a true sense of scale, clarifying the design for clients and offering an accurate view of lighting and space. We are the first company in the AEC industry to offer these features. Our presentation will include a brief overview of IrisVR's growth as a startup, a discussion on the state of 3D visualization within the AEC industry, and conclude with access to some of our architectural walkthroughs in the Oculus Rift.

Shane is a designer and 3D generalist with a love for the built environment. While working with architects, engineers, builders, and artists, Shane has explored different mediums for representing clients’ ideas. His passion lies in design visualization, and he founded IrisVR to create an immersive 3D platform for architecture & design.

The “Improving the Process of Delivering Projects” series is designed to stimulate discussion on improving the project delivery process. Sessions are designed for members of the AEC industry who would like to see a more integrated approach to project delivery. These sessions will provide you with tools and skills to enhance your project delivery and collaborate with consultants, your client and the contractor.

The goals of these sessions are to educate, communicate and cooperate.
These sessions are not:
…Another user group. These are a limited series of presentations directed towards improving how we deliver projects in the design and construction industry.
…Focussed on Revit. They are high level overviews of the processes for delivering projects.
…A sales pitch. We’re not selling anything, promoting any products or any specific company. We’re discussing how to improve project delivery.

These sessions are:
·         Designed for Decision Makers. They’re for project managers, partners, associates, architects, engineers and contractors. Decision makers who need information to be able to make educated decisions and keep up with industry trends.
·         Free… What more can I say?

Please send me a message via comments to confirm your seat.

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